Purpose: To have a STABLE running company, which are using the Administrative Technology of L. Ron Hubbard and reaching raving success on their own area of operation. In this way the owner of the company (WISE member) showing a good example for other business owners. The implementation of the technology makes possible for the owners to safely turn over his post and free himself (become free), while the company is producing even more for him.

Tools: the WISE members benefits, such as the MAKH workbook. This workbook contains the key steps for the implementation of the basics of LRH Admin tech. The Business Handling Checklists, helping to solve the burning problems before the implementation. There are HCA packs and trainings. The HCA Budapest are helping with courses connected to the MAKH program and also with free word clearing service for those who are working on the implementation. The HCA courses are giving the full understanding of the subject. You can count on help of the WISE staffs. This means also a control over the practical implementation, and also the WISE reference line all the time functioning. You send an e-mail to WISE and you will get soon the answer, the reference.

The MAKH implementation game for 2018 - more details here.

The result: on the one hand, your company works so well that you become free. You can leave five months for your levels without the company would collapse. You set a good example for others who have no idea how to flourish. We will give to you a prize on the next WISE conference, which is valid for one year and the value is much higher than the ISO rating.

The program



Statistical management

Financial Stability

 Communication system

Staff training




"Having had a first-hand opportunity to delve rather deeply into the administrative writings of

L. Ron Hubbard, I am impressed. The technology is infused with common sense and practicality. I know of no other body of administrative laws and methods which is as complete, as workable and as broadly applicable as Mr. Hubbard's. His philosophy of organizational know-how and his lucid explanations for its application deserve wide use in industry, commercial enterprises and government.


Robert Goldscheider


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